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Buy One of John Paulson's Aspen Mansions For $29.9 Million

Yes, Curbed's a little bit late to the table on this one but we figured our readers would like to know all the same. Hedge fund manager John Paulson is selling his Aspen Lakes Ranch, a 13,068 square foot manse he bought in 2010 for $24.5 million after a local developer had built it on spec. The home, listed for $29.9 mil, sits on 8.4 acres off McClain Flats and sports a litany of water elements - stocked ponds, natural springs, waterfalls, and a sand beach among them - along with a 35-foot glass wall opening up to a 1,000 square foot covered porch. There's also, I dunno, 9,200 square feet of patios and a guest house. The original developer, Bob Bowden, is the listing agent once again.

Why, might you ask, is Paulson giving up his plot in Elk Mountain paradise? If you guessed "upgrade," you guessed right. The hedge fund celebrity, who unfortunately lost nearly a billion dollars this year as the market for gold soured, is still doing well enough to survive his intended move to his other Aspen mansion, the 56,000 square foot Star Ranch he bought for $49 million from Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan last summer. A far less modest estate, Star Ranch is in fact bigger than the White House, and sits on 95 acres with its own gas station along with 15 bedrooms and 16 baths.

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