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This S.C. Castle Has a 'Summer Hall' and a 'Throne Room'

Say you've got a few million to spare on a nice American castle, but you don't want to live in Atlanta, Washington State, or upstate New York. Here's yet another option: on the market on South Carolina's Sullivan's Island is this medieval-looking spread with not one, but two castle-y halls—the Gothic Style Winter Hall and the Romanesque Summer Hall—plus seven bedrooms and interiors with—take it away, brokerbabble proclamations!—"a sense of understated grandeur." How much for this circa-1830 former church? $3.895M.

Inside the two-foot-thick granite walls: an "intricate cast stone fireplace," a mahogany staircase, a library, a bed chamber with 360-degree in the "North Tower," and—by golly—a throne room. It all sits within a short walk to shore, and, what's more, "the Summer Hall's undercroft...overlooks a gracious southern lawn and grove of producing olive trees." Have a look.

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