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Decoded: the Most 'Dramatic Entries' in the Country

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Welcome back to The Brokerbabble Glossary, where Curbed takes a word or phrase that shows up repeatedly in listings and deciphers its true meaning. Ideas? Hit up the tipline.

Hey, everybody, come look at this ridiculous door! Seriously, look at it. What is that? Do you think it's hard to open? Was this house custom built for Manute Bol? Do the people who live here have a pet giraffe? So many questions—this is indeed the most dramatic entrance.

There seems to be a pervasive notion in real estate listings that if there are stairs in or near the foyer, that makes it "dramatic." Curved stairs especially.

The drama of this entry is that you open the door and—boom! Living room! Surprise is one of the hallmarks of great drama.

It would probably be hell on the nerves dealing with a foyer this dramatic all the time.
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