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Seven Unreal Quotes About Over-The-Top 'Teen Lounges'

The Journal proves, yet again, just how hard it is to be rich. There are just so many more decisions to make, particularly when it comes to outfitting spaces for children. Half-pipe or a full arcade? DJ mixing station or a row of pinball machines? A "sleepover room" or an indoor basketball court? Step aside opulent water features, extravagant garages, and supersized closets: the latest home trend, according to this paper, is the tricked-out playroom. Here now, the seven best lines of the in-depth WSJ analysis of the "kid zone's" grand entrée:

7. "Chris Pollack recently finished renovating a Manhattan townhouse that includes a 1,000-square-foot teen suite with ping-pong and billiards tables, a recording studio, kitchen and a theater for movies and videogames. The estimated cost: roughly $750,000."

6. "The seller's daughter and two sons, who are now in college, each had a 2,000-square-foot suite with a bedroom, study room and playroom, all adjoined by a common homework room/lounge."

5. "[Pollack] has also accommodated several requests for homework rooms equipped with security cameras, so parents can keep an eye on computer usage."

4. "Their 3,600-square-foot Cape Cod includes a couple of secret passageways, an idea inspired by the 'Harry Potter' series."

3. "In addition to two master-suite-size bedrooms for the teenage son and daughter, the zone includes a karaoke theater, a movie theater, a full kitchen, an indoor basketball court, a DJ mixing station and a sleepover space with hanging bunk beds."

2. "She hired designer Kristy Kropat, who turned a Mediterranean-style casita into a modern-industrial room with modular furniture, LED accent lights, metallic gray walls with pixelated Space Invader vinyl decals and bright pops of color."

1. "Jacquie Kim, a mother of two in San Diego, turned a pool house into a teen lounge for her son Alex's 16th birthday, partly as a way to keep him home after he got his driver's license."

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