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Inside the 'Eclectic Romp' of the Summer's Design Hunting

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Photos by Thomas Loof/New York Design Hunting

Featured in this year's issue of New York Design Hunting, the semiannual standalone title from New York magazine that debuted a year ago: the Brooklyn mini-mansion—or "eclectic romp," if you will—that fashion frontmen Mark Haldeman and James Aguiar call home. Haldeman, a retail consultant, and Aguiar, former fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman, built their pad from scratch, schlepping ln their circus-y estate sale finds (including a drum table, butterfly chandelier, and chinoiserie console) and affinity for ebullient paint colors from their larger duplex down the block. Though the property had sat unoccupied for 17 years, the pair was able to convince the landlord to lease it to them after "proving" their design chops by showing her their former digs. "She looked at it for one minute and said okay," Aguiar told the magazine. "'You can name the rent if you do everything.'"

Turned out "everything" included refinishing the floors and building the kitchen from the studs up. The living room (above) was done up in persimmon and two shades of green ("Choosing the colors took longer than the actual painting") and a 1970s geometric orange rug, the entryway got a junk-shop chandelier fixed up with butterflies from the flower district ("It speaks to our dramatic side, the fashion side"), and antlers are mounted in what the magazine calls "an OCD-certified 'shoe library.'" Have a look.

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