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Will Jackson Hole Get Tomas Saraceno's "Cloud City?"

According to the Jackson Hole News & Guide, Jackson Hole Public Art Director Carrie Geraci is trying to bring the famous "Cloud City" sculpture by Argentine artist Tomas Saraceno to downtown Jackson. Last week Geraci asked the town for permission to install the sculpture, which sat on the roof of the Met last summer, in a field behind Jackson's Center For The Arts along South Cache Street, with an alternative location being suggested on the roof of the town parking garage.

The town is going to sit on the issue until an undetermined future meeting, but had concerns about the closing of South Cache Street, which would be required for two days to move the sculpture in, along with the installation of permanent concrete pads that the town's also worried about.

The 28-foot tall sculpture consists of 16 geodesic pods the size of small rooms and made out of plexiglass and steel that can be discombobulating and exhilarating to walk through, which you are intended to do. The New York Times describes Saraceno's greatest talent as his ability to combine architecture, art and science. Unfortunately, their great had this conclusion about the trio's imbalance in "Cloud City." Flatly, that "art is the loser."

· It's huge and it's art - but will it fit downtown?