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See China's Stunning Skylines as a Girl 'Sitting on the Wall'

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China is chock full of pie-in-the-sky architecture, from the world's future tallest building to bulbous blobs that may be copycats of other bulbous blobs, but those extremes aren't really what Haikou-based photographer Weng Fen is about. In Fen's "Sitting on the Wall" series, schoolgirls are situated "Backs to camera, and literally facing their future"—or, more explicitly, facing Shanghai, Shenzhen, and other Chinese cities—representing "a new generation of Southern Chinese sky-scraping dwellers." According to My Modern Met, "As the urban landscape finds itself in a continual state of change and expansion, so do these young girls also find themselves in a transitional period of adolescence." Because the subjects' backs are facing the viewer, "we are free to create a narrative for each girl who has the journey of her adult life ahead of her"—and, you know, admire the architectural diversity of these urban landscapes. Another shot, below.

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