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Inside Florence Welch's UK Pad, as Photographed by Vogue

Featured in the May issue of Vogue: the stylish, dilettantish Georgian house owned by Florence and the Machine's red-headed frontwoman Florence Welch. The South London home, Welch's first, is a product of her own glamorous vintage style—a "dazzling Deco dressing gown" works as a curtain, old McSweeney's postcards litter her desk, vinyl record players occupy nearly every room—and a collaboration with interior designer Carolyn Benson, who brought in the home's relatively staunch English furniture to balance Welch's collections of antiques and ephemera.

Welch's interiors are marked by a cockeyed door frames and what the singer calls "wonky" stairs—"It's like being drunk or on a ship—I think it suits me." Also present: a striped mustard-colored sofa, a sleigh bed wrapped in small-scale florals, sparkly bohemian clothing draped across the sitting area, and tapestries, rugs, and window sheers aplenty. Find more photos, right this way.

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