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Final Expansion Of Aspen Valley Hospital Approved

The Aspen Daily News is reporting that the town council unanimously approved the final two phases of construction at Aspen Valley Hospital, which will add another 89,000 square feet to the hospital while adding two stories, a larger basement, a new service road, and a new entryway and emergency room. The hospital expansion is the final large project to go before the council under Mayor Mick Ireland's administration, and has not been without criticism. Several op-eds criticized the size of the expansion and questioned its need, and city council put pressure on the hospital to add landscaping to reduce its visual impact from the surrounding Meadowood neighborhood, Castle Creek Road heading up to Aspen Highlands, and the Highway 82 roundabout, while also dimming some lighting, lowering the height of the main entrance, and adding 3-4 additional employees to maintain the additional 83,000 square feet, instead of the 1 they had estimated previously.

The project is being funded by a mix of taxes, fundraising, and the hospital's own reserves, totaling $140 million. With the council's concerns seemingly satisfied, very few present expressed any resistance to the project. Of the 40-odd people in attendance, almost none expressed reluctance to see the project through.

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