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This Portland House Perches on a Pedestal Among the Trees

Over in Portland, Ore., the well-treed land of indie bliss and Pacific Northwest architectural gems, sits this contemporary "treehouse" for grownups, a swoopy residence ensconced in the forest canopy. To compensate for the plot's steep pitch, architect Robert Harvey Oshatz built the glass-and-rust-clad home atop a shingled foundation, making it all kind of look like a prop from Will Smith's Wild Wild West steamrolled Snow White's cottage. The interiors, below.

From the inside, the house's most notable features—its curving roof, glass walls, and large, round windows—make the Wilkinson Residence decidedly not a proper treehouse. Though, to be frank, who even knows what being a treehouse means nowadays, when 20-ton mansions and four-story playhouses boast the title?

Looking for more forest-embedded houses in the Pacific Northwest? How about one that looks like it emerged fromGame of Thrones?

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