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Quiet Talks Start Again On Park City's Treasure Development

City Hall and members of the Sweeney family, which owns 120 acres along the Town Lift and extending up towards Park City Mountain Resort, have begun meeting discreetly for the first time since last fall to talk about the family's proposed Treasure development. According to the Park Record, the two sides have started to come together regularly to discuss details of the project, in which the Sweeneys propose to build over one million square feet of lodging and commercial space in two clusters along the last bend of the Creole ski trail that heads down to Main Street. The family won development rights in the '80s but have been in protracted talks with the town ever since.

Debates have surrounded whether or not the surrounding neighborhoods could handle the traffic the Treasure development would bring in with a capacity of 2000 guests, and many have expressed concern that the development would loom over downtown, as one of the clusters is a dense thicket of high rises (although J. Crew fan will love the mix of pastels). The Sweeneys have countered that the concentrated development preserves 97% of their acreage as open space while bringing more business and tax revenue to downtown Park City, pointing to the sprawl that has pushed out to towns like Kimball Junction. At one point, the town proposed buying the land outright, but the Sweeney's pricetag of nearly $93 million scuttled that plan.

Instead, what is still being considered in discussions is a land swap to move half of the development to what the town considers more suitable property. Many city officials have said that the Treasure development is one of their highest priorities for 2013.

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