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The 'House of the Future,' c. 1955, Listed for $1.8M Today

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Location: Brentwood, Calif.
Price: $1,800,000
The Skinny: Billed as the "house of the future" by its original owner, Popular Mechanics editor Thomas Stimson, the 1955 Stimson House is back on the market, asking a whopping $1.8M. Designed as a response to the Case Study Program, the steel-and-concrete ranch incorporated advanced modular building techniques and, gasp, an automatic garage door. Since that early praise, the house has been updated with a modern appliances and a ceiling mounted projector, but the sorry drop ceiling and florescent lighting have been preserved. It will take an intrepid preservationist to look past the aesthetic shortcomings to see the historic significance of this four-bed, three-bath period classic.

Photos: ©Cameron Carothers

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