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Aspen's "Best Valued Entry-Level" Closes At $2.3 Million

Curbed covered this Meadowood foreclosure near the Aspen Valley Hospital back in December as its price was steadily falling. The 3,161 square foot short sale had a pretty stellar setup for young families, as it was within walking distance of the Aspen schools on Castle Creek Road, the Aspen Rec Center, and a good ol' fashion swimming hole. The home finally closed on May 2nd for $2.3 million - somewhere close to a brutal $1.4 million less than what the last owner paid for it back in '07 before the place fell into foreclosure. We told you to change out those Gattaca sinks!

· 129 Heather Lane, Aspen, CO [BJ Adams & Company]
· 129 Heather Lane archives [Curbed Ski]