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Vegas' Most Baffling Listing Boasts Underground 'Backyard'

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Over in Las Vegas, the city of sin painted blue skies and the world's most retina-scorching real estate, sits this fully subterranean—yes, underground—listing that thinks itself a master of disguise. Despite the fact that it sees no sunshine and breathes no open air, the 1978 single-family home boasts a fully stocked faux backyard, complete with trees, boulders, rose/bougainvillea trellises, and a blue, cumulonimbus-dotted sky.

The home was built by Avon cosmetics executive Girard Henderson, who, in the late '60s, decided to construct an entire second home as underground nuclear fallout shelter. It was "designed to withstand virtually any disaster and protect against almost any intruder," the L.A. Times reported in 1996, when the 16,936-square-foot manse was on the market for a whopping $8M. Plunked beneath what was once a caretaker's house on gated property, the bunker has its own generator and fuel tank, and can supposedly sustain life for a year. There's even a guest cabana—because hosting abilities must not be compromised in the event of nuclear war—and a grill outfitted to send smoke up and out through the trunk of a fake tree.

All of this, when coupled with the fact that the "interiors" show off latticing, a pink carpeted bathroom, and a colonnaded tub, seems much like the set of the 1999 Brendan Fraser film Blast From the Past, you know, the movie where the family gets stuck in their midcentury bunker house for 30 years. The ask? $1.7M. Above, have a look.

· 3970 Spencer St, Las Vegas, Nev. []
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