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Nerd Alert! Telluride To Get 30,000 Square Foot Science Center

The Telluride Town Council gave knock-out approval for a new science center at the corner of Pacific Avenue and Willow Street that will be a public-private partnership on behalf of the Telluride Science Research Center. According to the Telluride Daily Planet, the non-profit stared in town in 1984 with 18 scientists meeting for a summer workshop, and has since grown to 1,200 scientists from 80 different countries coming to town for 45 meetings, which prompted the organization to start looking for a more permanent space in 2011.

The 30-35,000 square foot research center will cost somewhere between $11 million and $25 million to build, and the town has offered a $1, 100-year lease on the land it owns at Pacific and Willow that currently houses the Community Room, the Youth Link, two sheds, and the kids skate park. The plan is to build a facility with a 200-person auditorium, four large classrooms and one large, dividable classroom, a new community room, a small restaurant, staff apartments, and lodging for scientists. While no renderings are available, local architect Eric Cummings' been called in for the job, and plans to make sure the building has net-zero energy use.

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