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Couple Sues Sun Valley, Twitter Over @SunValley Handle

According to the Idaho Mountain Express, a Ketchum couple have sued both Sun Valley ski resort and Twitter for appropriating their Twitter account, which they opened in April 2010 under the handle "@SunValley." The ski resort then complained to Twitter last fall complaining that it wanted the handle for itself and the couple was using their trademark sun logo. The article notes that the handle had been used every once and again to tweet about "Apple products, 'MacRumors,' the weather, a pig roast and skiing," but that Twitter gave their handle over to the ski resort under the grounds that the couple were impersonating them. The lawsuit defends the couple by saying that although they used an image of a nonspecific sun, they never impersonated the resort itself. Moral of the story? Start as many accounts as possible under brand names that don't already have a Twitter account and sell them before the company complains to the company and you get it taken away for free.

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