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CO Home, "Gan Aden," Has Craziest Fireplace Ever

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Named House of The Year by Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine in 2012, 10,027 square foot "Gan Aden" (Garden of Eden in Hebrew) is packing in some pretty wild amenities to this Denver suburb. Yes, that is some kind of cornered outdoor fireplace possibly meant to evoke a scene from Dante's Inferno, or possibly just some security system to ward off unwanted garden party guests. There's also a saltwater aquarium, a bare necessity for any wealthy socialite living in a landlocked state, a Japanese garden and teahouse that alone cost $6 million and which has still waters to compliment "inner reflection" in the "healing space," the need for which must only arise from the stress of managing wealth grand enough to necessitate such a thing. Oh, and there's also an outdoor sculpture that looks like it'd make for a great acid trip once it's lit up by trippy underwater purple lights at night.

Other great excerpts from the Christie's ad include the ambiguously defined "smart program" that makes the home energy efficient and "an eight-foot water wall beside a stairway that descends through a grove of chanticleer pear trees." Pear trees? We thought it snowed in Colorado!?! At any rate, for having sunk a whole $6 mil into the garden alone, getting the whole kit and caboodle for $10 million sounds like a deal.

· Gan Aden, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, CO [Christies]