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This 'Spaceship' House Was Actually Inspired by a Yacht

Don't let the stormtrooper aesthetic fool you, this contemporary black-and-white home in Athens was actually inspired by the owner's love not of Star Wars or other outerspace, but rather regular-style ships and well-heeled seafaring. Plunked atop some 1.72 acres in the Greek capital, the 10,000-plus-square-foot mansion sort of hovers above manmade lakes and pools, a nod to yachting that's much more beautiful and subtle than some other boat-themed houses that might come to mind. Anyway, the manse, designed by the local firm 314 Architecture Studio, has a futuristic appeal not totally unlike Naomi Campbell's Zaha Hadid-designed house or FIXd's shapeshifting 'Mo Ventus.'

According to the architects, the water for the lakes and pool comes from rainwater that's collected, distilled, and welled over the course of the year. Despite not even touching much of the ground, home's also heated with geothermal energy and partially powered with solar panels on the far side of the property.

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