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Jane Fonda's Newest Project: a House Powered by Exercise

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What's Jane Fonda up to these days, other than spending millions on real estate in Beverly Hills? The empress of exercise, along with Spanish design firm Elli Studio, may have put forth the craziest idea for a micro home yet: an angular, translucent, shack-like thing that's totally powered by stationary bikes, weights, and other "kinetically powered mechanisms," as Architizer puts it, that "encourage residents to engage in various physical activities to both stay fit and generate energy to power the prototype off-the-grid home."

At the moment the Jane Fonda Kit House (or JF-Kit, as cool gym guys have been calling it) is just a prototype, but the idea of physically powering one's own homes is certainly an interesting one, plus the design is a "visual reminder that the self-sufficient home is a holistic unit and not just a series of rooms and exercises, reflecting the idea that sustainability too is a holistic concept and not just a series of activities." Truer words have ever been uttered, not even at the very much on-the-grid spin studio SoulCycle, who's probably first in line to host classes here.

· Brilliant Energy-Generating JF-Kit House is Powered by People! [Inhabitat via Architizer]