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This Zig-Zaggity Spread Houses a Library With a Slide

Commissioned to build a "playful" home for a large family in Chungbuk, South Korea, Seoul-based architect Moon Hoon, the very same eccentric brain behind South Korea's most cartoonish suite of vacation homes, designed an asymmetrical, jagged sprawl with a silhouette not unlike the Bart Simpson's hair. Inside Panorama House: open interiors punctuated by windows of varying heights and sizes as well as stairs-cum-bookshelves outfitted with—what is quickly becoming the emblem of coolness in this era—an indoor slide.

? The library, which leads down into a work space, includes a slide to make it accessible to even the smallest of the family's four kids. "The first, and the most important thing they wanted in their new home was a place where their kids could play, read and study," according to the project description.

? An office/play space lurks below, offering more books and a chalkboard. Before Hoon got the gig, the clients had pitched their ideas for a kid-centric plan to another architect, but didn't like the proposal. "That's when they said that they found about me," he says, "who appeared to be more playful, and more creative." (That's for sure.)

? The mismatched windows.

? The fluctuating façade is mirrored on the bottom layer, forcing windows to adopt angled edges.

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