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Former Master Plumbing Site Gets Zoning Change

The former Master Plumbing location on Baker Avenue in Whitefish will likely be the beneficiary of some zoning changes that will maintain its industrial status while expanding its allowed uses to include office space and a furniture store that will also have a manufacturing element. While those will go in the existing building after it receives a bit of a facelift, new buildings may go up on the second 1.87 acre lot that could house a specialty grocer and an upscale auto restoration shop that would also have sales on-site. Citing the lack of industrial-zoned properties around Whitefish, the city is happy to keep that part of the zoning intact, although as part of the trade to change the site's zoning status, the owner voluntarily restricted the properties from uses including heavy equipment sales, nurseries, research labs, and building supply stores. A public hearing will go down in City Hall May 6th on the proposal.

· Specialty grocery, auto shop could fill Baker Avenue site [Whitefish Pilot]