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In Morocco, an 'Exceptional Architectural Feat' Asks $7.4M

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Over in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, five miles from Marrakech, Morocco, sits this 7,500-square-foot desert palace, which Architectural Digest calls a "modernist assemblage of glass and concrete planes." Designed by Paris-based architect Imaad Rahmouni—a "loyal disciple" of Philippe Starck, the listing brags—the six-bedroom property, an "exceptional architectural feat," includes interiors with "vast open spaces and flowing water basins" as well as shaded terraces, gardens, and a separate 2,300-square-foot guest house. The ask? $7.4M. It's rather stunning, so do have a look above.

· Majestic architectural design in Marrakech, Morocco [Christie's Real Estate via Architectural Digest]