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Bonkers Barcelona Complex Could Mimic 'Distant Galaxies'

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Looks like someone spent 10 minutes in Photoshop to churn out the, uh, "renderings" for an artificial island slated to be plopped off the coast of Barcelona. According to The Telegraph, the Mobilona Space Hotel is planned as a 984-foot-tall structure designed to offer an "other worldly experience for guests wishing to travel to distant galaxies," according to the official project description, complete with a "vertical wind tunnel and the world's first zero-gravity spa," whatever that means.

This particular Space Hotel complex—Mobilona has plans for others in Los Angeles and Hong Kong—would be accessible from mainland Barcelona via a walkway, and include a 24-hour mall, a marina, timeshare apartments available for €20K (about $25,700) a week, and 2,000 hotel suites ranging from €300 to €1,500 ($385 to $1,930) a night. There's also a "private penthouse mansion" that will go for more than $90M, according to the Telegraph, which seems more than reasonable given its six stories and "optional helipad."

As of now, Mobilona has led the charges to request planning permission from the city, even though Barcelona Mayor Xavier Trias calls the €1.5B ($1.92B) project "not in keeping" with, well, much of anything at all. "We have no intention of turning Barcelona into a spectacle," he says.

Mobilona, meanwhile, is trying to get the world to realize the investment potential here, urging buyers to "reserve income-producing units at preconstruction prices for purchase or resale" for, say, a $650K hotel suite. What's next, people trying to sell real estate on the moon? Oh, wait.

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