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Tour Mosaic Tile House, Cali's Most Cacophonous Remodel

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When artists Cheri Pann and Gonzalo Duran bought their home in the eccentric beach enclave of Venice, Calif., they knew they had to do something to liven up the blah, beige stucco. Their plan? Deck every surface with crushed tile, mirror, coffee mugs, and more, ultimately concocting the nuttiest, most vibrant house remodel the state has ever seen (yet). Since the duo began their creation in 1994, the Mosaic Tile House, which was open to the public for the neighborhood's recent Art Walk & Auctions event, has seen countless pieces of chipped garage-sale pottery (tea cups, figurines, and more) sacrificed for the greater good, not to mention visitors stopping by to check out what has become a symbol of the area's idiosyncratic flavor. "It's never too much," Duran once told the L.A. Times.. "You can't go ordinary on top of spectacular. You have to keep trying something different."

? The kitchen, complete with chipped, chunky open shelving and a mosaicked ceiling and breakfast table. During the renovation, Duran spent eight to 12 hours every weekend adding to the masterpiece, which, by the way, includes a bench made from a converted bathtub (below).

The L.A. Times described it best when it profiled the place in 2003:
"The Mosaic Tile House, as it is called, has shades of Antonio Gaudi's spectacular spires, the Watts Towers and the Emerald City, complete with yellow brick—well, tile—road [...] Brightly hued mosaic tiles, figurines, miniature tea sets and smashed-up plates are cemented onto walls, inside and out. Coffee mugs, handles poking out for the grabbing, line window frames. What was once the front lawn is coated in shards of mirror, handmade tiles and pieces of garage sale pottery, in vivid yellows, reds, greens and blues." · Let there be color [L.A. Times]
· Mosaic tile house open for Venice Art Walk [L.A. Times]