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VIDEO! Watch Jay Peak's Stateside Lodge Get Destroyed

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Fans of cafeteria poutine and vintage base lodges shed a tear this spring when Jay Peak demolished the Stateside Base Lodge in all but two hours with a backhoe. Stateside was the last original building at Jay to be torn down (unless you count the top and bottom terminals of the Tram) to make way for the resort's top to bottom redevelopment as a first-rate resort, or at least one with lots and lots of nice lodging and amenities. While not quite as sensational a milestone as the opening of the resort's improbable indoor/outdoor water park with a waterslide that goes in a 360-degree loop, the knocking down of Stateside to make room for its new 80,000 square foot reincarnation, which will include a hotel and restaurants, marked a sad day for Stateside regulars. However, Jay aims to partially accomodate their nostalgia by reusing the lodge's original picnic tables and globe lights in the new lodge while doing away with "less appealing aspects like the [insert adjective] bathrooms and slippy floors)." In order to accomodate the new lodge, 84 new rental cottages, and a new wedding chapel, the bottom of the Stateside quad is also being moved uphill a little bit.

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