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Vail Resorts Sells 2.1 Acres On Peak 8 For $11.1 Million

Vail Resorts finalized the sale of the 2.1 acres at the base of Peak 8 that formerly held the '70s-vintage Bergenhof Restaurant and day lodge, which will be redeveloped into a 75-unit timeshare over the next several years. The $11.1 million cash deal was made by Breckenridge Grand Vacations, who already owns the Grand Timber Lodge and Grand Lodge timeshares over on Peak 7. The project is also claiming to "improve skier circulation at the base of Peak 8 by widening certain key ski trails," although it is likely to do nothing to improve the absolutely insufferable wait times that plague any and all Peak 8 lifts during any time that resembles a weekend or a holiday. No word yet on what exactly the anonymous $80 million timeshare will be named, although chances are pretty good it will include the words "grand," "lodge," and "welcome Texans."

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