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New Belgium Opens "Ranger Station" Concept Bar in Snowmass

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Wow! Snowmass Village's stock just went up a few points. To be truthful, it went up a few points earlier this winter when it opened, but its still worth giving props late in the game. Aspen's nominally neglected other half just received a handsomely sculpted concept bar and eatery branded for none other than New Belgium Brewery. The 750-square foot space sits directly at the entrance to the Village as you walk off the mountain, and featured a forest ranger-themed decore with what The Architects' Newspaper considers "hardy and honed" design elements brought in from LA and NYC-based designers, such as olive green walls, a white oak A-frame bar, and narrow elevated picnic tables that will remind former Cub Scouts of many a merit badge earned. There's even cubbyholes and under-stool hooks for gloves, goggles, and helmets, which must have made for a field day this winter for broke ski bums looking for brand-new gear forgotten in said cubbyholes by tourists overbuzzed from the effects of Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout and the altitude.

The Ranger Station's been getting great reviews so far, and even has a kilt-wearing bartender named Brad and beer pong on Mondays. It's a welcome addition to what's been a traditionally lower-brow set of offering in Snowmass Village, where this editor spent his post-collegiate salad days pounding $0.35 happy hour wings until the farts were so bad the Argentines at the pool table had to leave. It's sure to be a great pre and post-game venue for the summer Thursday concerts.

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