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A Closer Look at Sky City Tower, to Break Ground in 'June'

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The fickle press junketeers of China's Sky City Tower, the 220-story skyscraper that developers once insisted—then recanted, then insisted again—would take just 90 days to build, are saying ("Totally for real, this time, guys. No take-backsies," reads the press release) that the building will break ground "next month"—never mind the fact that construction was supposed to begin in November and finish up by March. What's more, the developers, Broad Sustainable Building (BSB), seem to have released more renderings of the 2,749-foot tower, which Design Boom reports will actually take seven months (not 90 days) to build, and stands to be the tallest on Earth, beating out even Dubai's 2,722-foot-high, vertigo-inducing Burj Khalifa.

The latest renderings reveal a "network of rooftop gardens," pools, and terraces, along with alternate shots of the building suspended in the rather architecturally barren Changsha district. The video (bottom) offers a cool, if overly dramatic and cinematized, look into just how Sky City Tower will supposedly get completed in seven months. Renderings and video, right here:

The Video:

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