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Inside Michael C. Hall's Elegant and Understated L.A. Buy

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Famous people buy and sell beautiful, historically significant places all the time, but actor Michael C. Hall has a little more street cred than most; after all, he lived for a while in the very same house that famed midcentury architect Hal Levitt lived in (and remodeled) himself. Hall unloaded that property, a four-bedroom in L.A.'s Outpost Estates, in August, and has since scooped up another gem: a Spanish-style home built in 1923 in the city's Loz Feliz neighborhood.
According to Zillow Blog, the 5,600-square-foot six-bedroom had been listed for $3.927M, though Redfin reveals that Hall scored the place for a bit of a discount, laying down $3.825M for the restored interiors of one of the area's "most prized addresses." From the rather thorough set of listing photos, the space appears warm and inviting, with wood-beamed ceilings and pretty, light-wood floors, slate-colored kitchen cabinets, loads of windows and French doors, and universally awesome tilework. Of course, no home of a guy who plays a serial killer would be complete without a pair of creepy hand-shaped sconces, a decor choice that might actually be deemed badass in these otherwise gentle rooms. Let's face it, though, Dexter Morgan's fellow fictitious villains are probably all cackling at his soft side from high atop their far more sinister Lautner-designed perches.

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