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Wave to The CapeFLYER From This Victorian On the Canal

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This Victorian Second Empire was built in 1855 for Hiram T. Keith, son of Isaac Keith, founder of the Keith Freight Car Manufacturing Co. Located in Bourne's Sagamore Village, the four bedroom, two bath overlooks the Cape Cod Canal and, conveniently, the tracks the CapeFLYER will begin chugging down as of Friday. Renovated in 2009, the 2,564 sq. ft. residence features period molding, a Rumford fireplace, double parlors, and hardwood flooring throughout. As for the home's rather unique glass and brass door handles? They were "custom-crafted by the Sandwich Glass Co. to aid Hiram, who lost both hands in an accident." Oh, my. Did it happen at dad's factory? We tried to find an answer to that but were unsuccessful. Moving on, in addition to the mid-19th century universal design, there's also a front porch, a deck, and a "lovely old barn." The .63 acre property abuts the canal bike path and seems to have been on the market since 2011. Yours for $459,000.

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· 51 Pleasant Street, Sagamore [Sotheby's International Realty via Zillow]