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The Latest in Pre-Fab Living: a Red, Rubber-Covered Orb

Today in delightfully strange conceptual residences: Latvian firm No Rules Just Architecture's self-supporting sphere made of laminated timber, liquid rubber, and birch plywood—all of which is assembled on-site. If actually built, DOM (E)—it's not a highfalutin project without some unnecessary punctuation marks!—would not only have the diminished construction costs and energy usage of other geodesic domes, but also solar panels connected to the hot water tank and a drainage/rainwater collection system. While pre-fabricated dome homes can hardly be considered revolutionary anymore, this particular variety stands out in that the interiors—two stories!—actually look contemporary and rather beautiful, with lots of light and long sweeps of birch throughout. Renderings below.

Renderings via No Rules Just Architecture

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