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Falmouth Voters Have Gone with the Wind Turbines

The turbines are sticking around. Wind 1 and Wind 2, the two 1.65-megawatt turbines located at the town's wastewater facility, have been a hot button issue since they began spinning in 2010. According to one neighbor, who lives 1,300 feet from the closest turbine, he was supportive of wind energy being used to power the town's wastewater treatment plant, "And then they turned it on. And it wasn't 20 minutes after that I called Town Hall. 'Um, this thing is really loud.'"" Others complained as well and the town took to curtailing the turbines when it got really windy (for real), then shutting them off at night and even considered buying out the neighbors. Those opposed to Wind 1 and Wind 2 say they cause health problems and want them removed completely.

After much debate over possibly spending $14 million to take down the turbines, town meeting members rejected a funding plan to do so last month. Thus, it was off to the polls for a ballot casting extravaganza with forty-one percent of Falmouth's registered voters at the polls on Tuesday. Question 2 "would have authorized the decommissioning, dismantling and removal of the turbines and the repayment of grants, prepaid renewable energy credits and other costs associated with removal" was defeated by 67 percent of voters, saving Wind 1 and Wind 2 from the scrap heap - for now.
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