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Inside Todd Alexander Romano's 'Highly Schizophrenic' Digs

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Photos by William Abranowicz/Elle Decor

June's Elle Decor offers up a peek into the hedonistic and sumptuously layered one-bedroom of designer Todd Alexander Romano, a testament to his adoration for beautiful things and, in his own words, his "highly schizophrenic" taste. ED says Romano's work "defies tidy definition," a point that's amply evidenced by his home on Manhattan's Upper East Side, which is decorated to the rafters in a sensual jangle of Op Art, melty lacquered walls, tangerine Louis XV chairs, and animal print velvet. His rooms are densely populated—there are 15 pieces of furniture in the 350-square-foot living room alone—but Romano worked with architects Richard Bories and James Shearron to bring in "strong vertical lines and extra-tall doors" to make the place seem roomier than its 1,000 square feet. "I studied architecture in school, until I realized I couldn't have cared less how a house was supposed to stand up," he told ED.

In the living room, Romano's eclectic taste translates to obelisk crystals, Rococo stools, and a toe-wigglingly thick lamb's wool rug; in the entrance hall it's a 1970 Lucite sculpture and a Regency mahogany chair; and the eat-in kitchen brags a Saarinen table surrounded by bright yellow vintage silk paper. Do have a look.

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