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This Sleek Towered 'Treehouse' Can Vanish In the Woods

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The latest to jump on the contemporary adult "treehouse" bandwagon—a trend that now includes 20-ton mansions and huts speared by poplar trees—is the gorgeously glassy pile that is Tower House, a vacation home in Ulster County, N.Y., created by the NYC firm Gluck+. Built for principal Thomas Gluck and his family, the four-story structure—a "stairway to the treetops," as it's called in the project description— is swathed in a skin of yellowed metal and glass, though, in some lighting, the T-shaped building disappears behind a reflective shield, fading almost completely into the surrounding woods.

The house's unusual, mildly unstable-looking form was devised to maximize views of the Catskills; by raising the horizontal living space up toward the wooded canopy, the mountains open up to the onlooker (which also explains why the house is so amply windowed).

Take it away, architecture babble:

The glass-enclosed stair highlights the procession from forest floor to treetop aerie, while the dark green enameled exterior camouflages the house by reflecting the surrounding woods, and dematerializing its form.

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