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Dru Bru Will Take Over The Pass Life's Brewery Space

It's apparent that The Pass Life, the impending development scheduled for Washington's Snoqualmie Pass, has found a tenant for its planned brewery space. As evidenced by the above ad, Washington's Dru Bru, a very small craft brewery that has been a home-based operation up to this point, will be opening a full production brewery at the Pass Life in partnership the still-unnamed restaurant that's planned.

Word leaked out earlier this month on the Washington Beer Blog and on Dru Bru's own website, whose homepage features the above advert claiming:

"We have found our home. Over the upcoming months this lot will be transformed into The Pass Life community and home to our new custom brewhouse. Keep checking back for updates on our progress. It's good to be home."

Trained and employed as an engineer, Dru Ernst has been homebrewing in the Seattle area for roughly a decade, and along the way met and more recently partnered with Eric Mathiasen, who will be working the marketing and branding side of the coin, and Lee Yanik, who will be running more of the business end of things. Lee's a friend of Pass Life founder Bryce Phillips and is an investor in the development himself, thus the connection.

Dru Bru, which makes largely German and Belgian-inspired ales along with a SaraSodi Cider that's won regional homebrewing awards, sees the Snoqualmie Pass location as a way to differentiate themselves from Seattle's sizable population of outstanding craft breweries, and likely a great way to squeeze in some pre-run pow laps.

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