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Up For Auction: Indoor/Outdoor Whitefish Living

Now that we're switching to summer in the mountains (well, sort of), the whole game changes. No longer is the prime real estate closest to the chairlift - you might never even go to the ski hill you spend every waking moment at during the winter, swapping for different scenery in remote canyons, on faraway hiking trails, or bouncing around on horses or the golf course. It also means those homes that were so good at insulating you from the blizzards during the winter need to be open to the now-warming surroundings that are so much more inviting come the summer months.

This 6,300 square foot log manse in Whitefish, Montana knows what Curbed's talking about, as the main living room with its star-shaped stone fireplace opens up to the valley outside with sliding wall-to-wall glass doors. Just rotate that corner couch, bust out the wine, and bam! It's fine summer living, mountain-style. Just be sure that high-altitude buzz doesn't prompt you to leave the whole living room open when you go to sleep... chances are a herd of elk are going to waltz in and tear the place up to avenge their many brothers that are now trophies on the wall.

This mansion sits on 20 acres in the private Elkhorn neighborhood ten minutes out of downtown Whitefish and packs 6 bedrooms, 5 baths, and a five-car garage. Previously listed for $1.8 million, it's going up for auction - with no reserve - this upcoming June 11th. Showings starting on the 7th.

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