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Here's What Paris Would Look Like Covered in Wood Pallets

In 2011, French architect Stéphane Malka dreamed of creating a building covered in single-use wood pallets, putting forth a rather wacky way to repurpose boring old materials discarded by, err, "energy-vores and clients of factories, the polluters of the world." In Malka's vision, the wood would be affixed to the exterior much like shutters of a French country house, at once angular and undulating, organic and industrial. For better or for worse, the zig-zagged façade of the Ame-Lot Residences, which Malka proposed for student housing in Paris, has yet to become a reality, though Design Boom recently spotlighted the renderings, which it called "a step beyond mere recycling, but rather the assignment of a new meaning to discarded, single-use micro structures."

· Stephane Malka: Ame-lot Student Residences Boast Recycled Wood Pallet Exterior [Design Boom]