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Five Bedroom in Edgartown Village Now $590K Cheaper

The pricechopper swung through the Vineyard last week and sliced almost $600K from the ask of this Edgartown Village listing. Built in 1920, the 5,533 square foot five bedroom with five and a half baths underwent a complete nip and tuck in 2007. According to the brokerbabble, the property now "...contains every element to fulfill your every requirement." That seems subjective to us, but a front porch, pool, carriage house, air conditioning, parking, walkability, and "the best kitchen on the Island" no doubt check many boxes for Edgartown Village house hunters. The pre-chop price tag was $3,790,000 and "Vineyard Perfect" is now yours for $3,200,000.

· Listing: 148 Upper Main Street, Edgartown [Trulia]