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Jamie Mackay Gets To Build More "Recreational Park Trailers"

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Teton County reversed their initial hesitation to grant developer Jamie Mackay the ability to install 24 "recreational park trailers" - those modern cabins on wheels we've been obsessed with this winter - at the former Buffalo Valley RV campground on Highway 287 in Moran, Wyoming. The Jackson Hole Property Guide is reporting that Mackay, who owns Fireside Resort in Wilson, the first site to host the locally-designed trailers, signed a lease to run the campground with Harry Washut. Washut himself failed in a bid to bring 140 RPTs to the campground in the winter of 2011, with his neighbors claiming he didn't have the right to submit a development proposal, part of their ensuring that the place didn't get turned into timeshares or condos. The county satisfied that concern by requiring the owners of the campground and the RPTs to be one and the same. Mackay will have to satisfy 20 other conditions to get his permit approved, including installing enough trees to shield the view of the RPTs from the highway, knocking down 12 of the existing 16 cabins, and mandating short-term stays.

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