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Come See the Perfectly Flamboyant Sets of Liberace's Biopic

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When HBO, the cable network that specializes in full-throttle, high-color television, takes on the likes of Valentino Liberace, the late, great, blindingly glitzy pianist with the giant gold-leafed piano and animal-printed real estate to authorize his sparkle cred, you know the sets are bound to be dazzle. When Behind the Candelabra debuted on Sunday, it was abundantly clear that, while production designer Howard Cummings and set decorator Barbara Munch Cameron only had six weeks to create 30 sets, nobody scrimped on the "palatial kitsch" (Liberace's own words) the pianist stockpiled at home. Spotted in the set stills, snagged from Architectural Digest: indulgent frescoes (of his own face), an overwrought gold four-poster bed, powder-blue carpeting, a marbled, colonnaded bathroom, and so much more.

? Liberace's real-life L.A. home was used as a set. Note the oversized Greek bust, ample mirrors—Cummings told AD that Liberace was a "mirror fanatic"—and candle holders in the sunroom.

? The painted brick! The track lighting! The red velvet! The wall-to-wall zebra print! AD describes it best: "a mishmash of Asian, Neoclassical, Baroque, Louis XV, Hollywood Regency, and Art Nouveau."

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