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Summer Skiing Off The Jackson Hole Tram!

Although our Memorial Day Weekend ski guide is a week past, there is still skiing to be had in North America. Arapahoe Basin just extended their season until June 9th, and Jackson Hole just re-opened their tram for the summer. It's really for summer tourists to be able to take in the views from the top of Rendezvous Peak, and Jackson's in-bounds terrain is off-limits for skiing and riding, but skiing out of the bounds is a-okay. Most will make the ridge hike to Cody Peak, the highest peak within range, and do a few touring laps within the bowl before hiking back out to download on the tram. Here local pro Andrew Whiteford does just that, laying some tracks down Four Shadows over the weekend. Locals get to ride the tram for free until June 14th, or tickets can be had online for a mere $26.

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