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Kim Jong-Un: "A skiing wave will seize the country"

King Jong-Un, that North Korean dictator with an affinity for bad haircuts and basketball, seems to be adding another sport to his in-country wishlist, as he visited the site near Wonson, North Korea where the military is building what it claims will be a first-class ski resort far more ambitious than the single slope ski area we reported on earlier. If it seems odd for a reclusive dictatorship to want a "skiing wave" to take over his impoverished and starving country when most people in developed nations can't afford to practice the activity, look no farther than South Korea. The North's booming capitalist neighbor is hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics, and its future coming-of-age party seems to rile the young bigot's pride. With international sanctions forbidding the import of all luxury goods, Kim has ordered the military to get to work on a ski area in the Masik Pass region from scratch, and for domestic industry to build all the chairlifts, skis, and ski jackets in-country.

Misleading statistics claim the resort is being built on several hundred thousand square meters, or 68 miles of mountainside - unofficially equating 27 separate mountain peaks according to Powder Magazine. Kim, we're all about trail count here. Despite his portly physique, there's no doubt Kim's spent time on the slopes himself, as he schooled near the Swiss city of Berne in the shadow of the Alps, and often vacationed with his despotic family in Interlaken. He'd very much like the resort to be open by next season, likely since its 4,400 foot maximum elevation means that within 50 years, climate change will have changed any potential snowfall into rain. But yes, foreign tourists will be able to visit and shred. Would you go?

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