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Years Later, Peter Madoff's Suburban Manse Still Can't Sell

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Just about two years ago, the Long Island estate once owned by incarcerated fraudster Peter Madoff (brother to chief Ponzi schemer Bernie) popped onto the market with a $6.495M price tag, brokerbabble that boasted (rather appropriately) "Too Much to Mention!", and listing photos showing off a suite of dark, dated, and unambiguously unappealing interiors. Having plead guilty to his involvement in his brother's scheme, Peter got 10 years in prison and, much like other high-profile swindlers, his assets were seized by the federal government, which is selling his holdings—including his NYC pad, which sold for $4.6M—to contribute to the insurmountable sum owed to his victims. But here's the thing: nobody's biting. The five-bedroom "English Manor Colonial" in Old Westbury, N.Y., which, according to the Times, boasts a tennis court, "lavish gardens," a two-bedroom pool house, and a "parade of antiques," was relisted earlier this month, this time to the tune of $4.495M.

The Madoffs lived here for more than 20 years, and although deputy U.S. marshal Kevin Kamrowski told the Times that "everything in this home was obtained on the backs of other people," the Times reporter says the estate "generally does not feel like a criminal's lair." That's true: it looks just like any other mildly hideous manses owned by rich people. Anyway, have a look inside.

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