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Website of the Day: Great Art in Ugly Rooms

Here's Great Art in Ugly Rooms, a genius new Tumblr that, well, runs photos of great art in ugly rooms. In this universe, Norman Rockwell's iconic "Freedom from Want" hulks over a depressing, dimly lit conference room (above), and one of Richard Prince's Nurse Paintings finds its rightful home in—where else, really?—a sad sack of a hospital room. As Salon puts it, "These are the lives of works outside of museums, auction houses, galleries, and Architectural Digest spreads," adding that the philosophical implications of Great Art in Ugly Rooms are not to be scoffed at: "Maybe these photos are fascinating because we know they are impossible. 'Great' art should be inaccessible, many of us secretly believe, even if it is the opposite of what we say to the world." View more:

Photos via Great Art in Ugly Rooms

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