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Chatham Village Victorian Returns to Market for $1.675 Million

Built in 1880 and once the home of a prominent sail maker, this Chatham Village listing has been on and off the market since July 2012 when it was asking $1,775,000. After a spring break, the five bedroom, three bath Victorian has returned, enlisting a sale maker of another sort, a brand new broker. According to the latest brokerbabble, the 3,105 square foot home is "Perfect for a family of five and easily able to accommodate up to 14," should your brood be eligible for a TLC reality show. Plus, the renovated and restored property rents for a hefty $6,500 a week in the desirable summer months. Asking price is now $1,675,000.

· Listing: 66 Cross Street, Chatham [Zillow]