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Ridiculously Opulent Desert Mansion is Also Just Ridiculous

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Location: Palm Desert, Calif.
Price: $24,500,000
The Skinny: Nestled on a high ridge, this exclusive 16,800-square-foot mansion was built behind the gates of the Bighorn Golf Club, which was referred to in the brokerbabble as "a resort community that is a little more 'hip' than hip replacement." That line sets the tone for the overwrought, Moroccan-inspired Casbah Cove mansion, a desert behemoth chock full of features. Despite having just four bedrooms, the house can "easily accomodate" a party of 20 or 200. A party where guests can entertain themselves in the "hookah lounge"—with "disappearing doors" and a 20-foot projection screen—or warm up in front of one of eight fireplaces, or seek out the "secret garden of white rosebushes," or grab a drink from the wet bar to work up the courage to tell the owner they should have spent their $24.5M differently. At least it comes furnished.

· Casbah Cove [Bighorn Golf Club]