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Come To Mitt Romney's Deer Valley Rager June 4th!

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Former presidential candidate and owner of fine hair, Mitt Romney, is planning a rager this upcoming June in Deer Valley, ostensibly to get investors hyped on his son Tagg's new private equity fund, Solamere Capital, which Tagg is running with dad's former campaign finance director, Spencer Zwick. Solamere is named after the particularly gorgeous section of Deer Valley where Romney senior once owned a gargantuan manse, but apparently the firm itself is legit enough to get the old man to sign up as a partner. Or maybe Mormons are just trying to give the concept of the family-owned conglomerate a comeback kick in the pants.

The event, dubbed "Experts and Enthusiasts" and running from June 4th-8th largely out of Deer Valley's Stein Eriksen Lodge, is also being cast as an effort to reliven Romney's own political career. The $5,000 per person event already has a guest list deep with political stars, such as former running mate Paul Ryan, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and even Obama's campaign director, David Axelrod, who may be in town "give the GOP it's own post-mortem" according to writer Ben Fisher, and possibly direct attention away from Romney's own failures as a candidate. Once that nasty business is over and done with, it will be time to try and convince Hewlett-Packard Chief Meg Whitman and Sun Microsystems co-founder Scott McNealy to drop some cash into Tagg's new fund, as both the tech giants are also attending. That is, in between bouts of hiking, fly-fishing, and mountain biking.

We imagine security will be pretty tight, but the only advice Curbed can give you is that should you try to sneak in, at least reference American Psycho while developing your attire and persona. That extends to the business cards - eggshell with Romalian type.

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