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Here's Libeskind's Confusingly Named First Private House

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Always one for faceted, unusual structures, controversial Polish architect (or sorta-architect, some might argue) Daniel Libeskind designed this angular weekend house in rural Connecticut. When it was completed in 2010, the house, which sits like a 2,000-square-foot chunk of sharp obsidian in the middle of grassland and copses of oak trees, was his first-ever privately commissioned residence. For 18.36.54 House, which was recently featured on Design Boom, Libeskind, whose work often involves abrupt angles and highfalutin names, looked to create a house that was "aggressive and soothing," using copper cladding and dark oak planks to create what Design Boom calls "a continuously folding ribbon structure of 18 planes, 36 points and 54 lines." Ah, now it all makes sense. More photos, below.

? The main entrance. According to Architectural Record, the owners, an "art world couple," sought out Libeskind after falling for his Jewish Museum in Berlin, which he completed in 1998: "They had observed that its tilting walls, the angular ceilings, and slanted floors heightened the kinesthetic as well as the visual experience of walking through its spaces."

So how did the clients snag a world-renowned architect like Libeskind for their vacation home in an undisclosed locale in Nowheresville, Connecticut? They uttered these words, according to Arch Record: "Whatever you design, we'll ask you to make it more extreme." Fair enough.

? The interiors, including the built-in sofa, dining table, banquettes, and bookshelves, are swathed in oak paneling.

Despite its reputation for traditional and/or Colonial homes, Connecticut has no shortage of modern, iconic-looking structures, including Rafael Viñoly's creation in Ridgefield, and, of course, Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Canaan.

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