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Squaw Valley Forms Group To Overcome "Trust Deficit"

Squaw Valley has formed the Squaw Valley Community Advisory Council, a roughly 30-member informal group set up to get feedback on KSL's proposed massive base village development. According to Moonshine Ink, the group had their first meeting back in early March and Squaw CEO Andy Wirth announced the group's creation in an April op-ed, with the aim of creating a structured mechanism for community feedback, the lack of which Wirth had been criticized for when KSL announced their initial plans without having sought public feedback beforehand. This created what the public relations firm Squaw hired to facilitate the meetings called a "trust deficit," and one which Wirth & co. hope to overcome by including not just representatives of homeowners associations that will be directly affected by the development but also representatives of the Friends of Squaw Valley, a group that was formed in response of KSL's proposal and which is hugely critical of it. For whatever reason, Olympic mogul skier Johnny Moseley was also added to the roster, although beyond being a Squaw Valley homeowner and a local celebrity, the rationale for his inclusion is not obvious.

The first meeting consisted of not much more than an early look at architectural models for the base village and a chance for group members to introduce themselves and their concerns. Squaw Valley has reduced some of the building heights in the proposal in response to public criticism, but it remains vague as to how KSL and Squaw will act on the suggestions and conclusions of the Council. We just can't wait until they start discussing the 132,000 square foot water park...

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