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Crowdfunding Shark Research; 'Right now, it's the Wild West'

MASSACHUSETTS - Is your Prius a bit too pious and prissy? Well, there's little to be done about that, but adding this brainy and brawny license plate to any ride will endear a driver to sharks worldwide (results not guaranteed). The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization committed to inspiring shark conservation by supporting shark research and education, is hoping to bookend hoopties across the Bay State with Great White Shark license plates to support their goals. They've hit the crowdfunding circuit in order to pre-sell 1,500 special plates to Massachusetts residents by June 20. Become a fin fan for $40. [Massachusetts Great White Shark License Plates on indiegogo; Atlantic White Shark Conservancy]

CHATHAM & ORLEANS - Meanwhile, a great white shark working group accomplished a number of safety related objectives - warning signs, communication system for shark sightings, etc. - over the winter. Now, boards of selectmen in Chatham and Orleans are concerned about a lack of regulations controlling commercial ventures that could be hoping to make money off the great whites. "Right now, it's the Wild West...Anyone can roll into town with a shark cage and do whatever they want." [Cape Cod Times]